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Brown Bears slaughter in Romania

Illegal and shameful Brown Bear hunting methodes approwed by the Romanian government

The unlawfullnesses committed by the Department of the Agriculture, Waters, Forests and Environment (MAPAM) of Romania concerning the decrease of the brown bears’ population (Ursus arctos arctos) by shooting and the approuved illegal hunting methods, one of strictly protected species by the Convention of Bern and the Law 462/2001, affect the image and national interests of Romania in order to joint the European Union.
By hunting reasons in area of the Harghita Mountains it was experimented and adopted – under the „patronage’ of the National Forestry Administration (RNP) – the most shameful methode of the world for the bears’ killing. This method guarded as a top secret by communiste authorities of Romania consists in killing bears from completly closed shooting-hide in concrete where the hunter is in perfect security, he may stay inobserved and doesn’t may be shot by an other hunter or attacked by the wounded bear. The hunter has all the comfort even by night, he may quietly sleep in the warm room, whwn bear appears only in the night. In these conditions bears have no chance, he can’t smell the hunter remaining in the hide. Closed shooting-hides were called „Bear Observatories Tipe Harghita” becaus to turn the public opninon’s attention about their real destination. The authorities argue that these hides are used only for bears’ feeding and their scientific observation, but in reality they serve for the killing of those. In the communiste dictator’s Ceasuescu period the hidess were codified by the romanian Security Service under the name „OTH”. In front of these authentic abattoirs bears are nourrished communly with the carcasses of dead animals as bait. In the course of three decades bears have got used to visit regulary these hidess stay in front of guns without no chance. This unetical and shameful method of extermination was adopted and made perfect in 1970s for the communiste dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. The inventor of these abattoirs commanded by the communiste nomenclature is the engineer Ioan Micu, at present director of the Foresry Management Miercurea Ciuc, county-town of Harghita, wich as a recompense for his „merits” since 30 years holds only leading posts in the National Forestry Administration RNP. For the three decades of her commandment were killed from these shooting-hides about 800 individuals of bear only in Harghita county, and totally 9000 bears in the whole Romania. By time this shameful method was propogate by the National Forestry Administration RNP in all the country and in all bears’ habitats for abusive killing of the animals.
In the area researched by us at present exist a lot of „obsrevatories”: 58 closed shooting-hides and nourrishing places, from which 32 are in the possession of RNP and 26 ones in the possession of Hunting Associations. In fact there are for each 4-5 bears one „observatory”. Due to this abusive method used by national scale the brown bears’ population was decapited in the last decade because for the most part were killed the dominant males alfa.

The regular nourrishment of the bears in economis aims have as result the biological dagradation of the popultaion in the researched area, the decreasing of the hibernation period and their infection by different illnesses. For the nourrishment of the bears are used carcasses of dead animals because illnesses or epidemics, even by trichinelosis infected pigs. In some cases bears were nourrished with other shooted bears, infected or ill.

Brown Bears massacred in Romania

We wish to communicate to you the last shooting quota too, approved by ministerial orders, about wich it’s possible you have no data:

Hunting season 2001-2002 
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)	 567 individuals
Wolf (Canis lupus)		 879 individuals
Wild cat (Felix silvetris)	1223 individuals

Hunting season 2002-2003
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)	 604 ind.
Wolf (Canis lupus)		 882 ind.
Wild cat (Felix silvestris)	1231 ind.

Hunting season 2003-2004
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)	 658 ind.
Wolf (Canis lupus)		 945 ind.
Wild cat (Felix silvestris) 	1402 ind.

Form these data it’s certainly evident the intention of government to „legalise” the kill of strictly protected species in a number increasingly more and more. The real staff are overestimated each year by some public function-holders in order to justify these exagerated hunting quota. They are suggesting to the public opinion that the number of strictly protected species is going to increase, but the reality is an other: it’s number discreases inadmissibly day by day due to the abusive hunting.

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